domingo, 3 de enero de 2010

Preparation for the Health Challenge

Hello people,

My name is Argenis Ferrer, AJ for short, and I am creating this blog exclusively to give updates on the John P. Health Challenge that I decided to join.

In my particular case, I will be adapting the rules a bit just in two (2) parameters, hope that's ok with the people at the health challenge.

1-) It originally starts on January the 1st, however in my circumstances I will actually be starting on the 11th (sorry guys but I am quite out of town at the time and at a place where it would be pretty much impossible to stick with the regime as much as I will)

2-) Since I am joining late, and to comply with the 10 weeks regimen, my finish line will be on March 21st.

I promise to at least once a week give updates of my weight and exercises. I would love to also give body fat measurements, but don’t quite know a cost effective technique; if you guys have suggestions I’d be quite happy to listen.

Given the two parameters given above, I am probably not eligible to be a winner in any votes, but reaching the goal will be enough for me.

Let’s get ready to rumble

PS: My goal is to lose 20 pounds over the ten weeks, which should make it about 2 pounds a week. And I am currently wearing somewhat loose 38 pants, and will strive to reach the 34s sometime this year, but the 36s for these ten weeks will do just fine.